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Since opening in 1987, Southern Realty has been the leader of oceanfront sales in St. Augustine and has been instrumental in the preservation and conservation of the area. Oceanfront property and beach neighborhoods have been our mainstay for over 30 years but we sell real estate all over the county. We are active in the South Anastasia Communities Association and are often times privy to properties our neighbors might sell but don’t want on the open market

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Our business is based on the satisfaction of our customers, here are some kind words from our clients

"I am a real estate lawyer and investor. I have bought and sold properties for almost 40 years. I have worked with hundreds, maybe even a thousand, real estate agents and brokers in my career -- some good, some bad, but NONE better than Keto Burns. Keto's knowledge of his market is excellent, which is key to being a good realtor, but what is even more extraordinary is his obvious concern and empathy for his clients. This motivates him to be responsive, thorough, insightful, honest and careful, all while showing an obvious enthusiasm and connection to his client's needs and objectives. Unlike most agents, who focus only on their commission check at closing, Keto was more interested in ensuring that the seller and my wife and I as buyers had everything we needed, and were ready to close. After the closing, he has been incredible with his follow-through, helping us with referrals, resources and further insight. Since meeting Keto Burns in Fall, 2019, I now know how the ideal real estate broker operates. If the rest of the industry would or could follow his example, we would all be better off."


By Doug Flint
Review of Keto Burns, Broker/Owner

Keto Burns is the consummate real estate professional. We were impressed by his perceptiveness in anticipating problems, providing workable solutions and moving a very difficult process to its conclusion. Keto is not only very pleasant to deal with, but also very proactive and always willing to go  the extra mile to help out. He is very punctual and always communicates meaningful information. He kept us informed on a timely basis of what was going on with the proposed transaction. We highly recommend Keto Burns and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had him represent us as our broker.

By Edilberto Reyes
Review of Keto Burns, Broker/Owner

Keto Burns is knowledgeable about housing, St Augustine area, gives fair and accurate assessment of properties as they relate to value and buyer satisfaction, ethical, truthful, and expedient in responses and actions needed to meet deadlines. He has the ability to diffuse tensions and stress with his wit and  humor while his advocacy for the buyer is exemplary.

By Karen King
Review of Keto Burns, Broker/Owner

We’ve bought and sold many oceanfront properties with Keto. He is energetic, clever, creative & the best marketer I have ever met. He is extremely mature for his age and has a strong work ethic. We will definitely use him again.

By Coni Smith
Review of Keto Burns, Broker/Owner

He is an absolute professional, local knowledge second-to-none. Definitely has his finger on the pulse in the area and was extremely helpful. Honest and forthcoming… A real rarity in this business.

By Joe Clark
Review of Keto Burns, Broker/Owner